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"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when building project

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when building project

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    Posted 12 Aug 2015

    Hi everyone,

    first, let me say, that the Welkin Suite looks very promising, and that I already enjoyed using it one time, before closing and reopening the application again.

    Now I receive the following error when building my project:

    [attachment=26:Build Error.PNG]

    When clicking on it, I am redirected to the Build.targets file in the red-marked line.

    [attachment=27:Build Task Error.PNG]

    I am completely lost, because I have no experience with Visual Studio configurations/variables at all.

    I am using the latest Welkin Suite version (downloaded it yesterday) with Windows 10 64-bit.

    Thanks for your help!


    I just created a new project, and left Welkin Suite open. After Building the project ~10 times, the error appeared without any warning.


    p.s.: Your forum is missing a search function. I wanted to search if there is an existing post with my problem, but couldn't do it :(

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      Posted 12 Aug 2015

      throw the project away and start over.



        Posted 13 Aug 2015


        I also encounter this, i did some trial and error and i found out that when creating a new solution/project and you change the default directory this will cause the error when you try to rebuild it, i hope this helps you



          Posted 13 Aug 2015

          throw the project away and start over.

          Please see the *edit* section in my post: I created a new one, and encountered the same problem after a few times succesfully building the project. I don't intend to create a new project every x builds.



            Posted 13 Aug 2015

            Hi nisse.knudsen, austy14, ikljaic,

            Can you please describe a bit your actions before closing the project and/or after opening it and trying to build?

            Some possible actions that has lead to a similar issues previously are (in general - any actions that are influencing the project's structure or content may be tied up with the issue):

            • Moving files in different folders
            • Pulling changes from SF with deleted/renamed files
            • Adding new files to the project

            We haven't experienced issues with this flows for a while, but anyway they're worth mentioning.

            At the moment we're modifying build process as it's current implementation causes issues when moving projects to another folders/PC's - this may resolve issue that you've mentioned, but we need to be sure that there's no other issues aside the ones we've identified already.

            Can you please also send us ActivityLog files after such failed builds - this can be done from "Help -> Report a bug" form with "Attach the ActivityLog file" checked.



            Vladimir Gubanovich
            Head of Product
            The Welkin Suite
            skype id: vladimir.gubanovich



              Posted 22 Aug 2016

              I encountered this today as well after new welkin update/release.

              It also happened that my sandbox org had me reset my password, so once I went to the project properties,

              updated my pw and token, it worked again, without blowing away the project. 



                Posted 23 Aug 2016

                Hi Kevin,

                Thank you for your post with this information.

                Our developers will solve the issue related to the expired credentials that lead to the error during the Build process.

                The IDE will show the correct message about a reason of the failed build.



                Kate Dulko
                Customer Relations

                The Welkin Suite

                twitter: @KateDulko
                skype id: d_katerina



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