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After adding Referenced Packages, project is corrupt

After adding Referenced Packages, project is corrupt

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    Posted 04 Jun 2018 and edited 14 Jun 2018

    I have a project I have been working with successfully for weeks.  Last night I added two referenced pacakges, both are Managed Packages produced by the same vendor.

    I saved, shutdown, cam into the office this morning and opened the project to get the error:


    Project is corrupted.  Please re-create project.

    Looking in the log file I find this error:

    2018/06/04 06:56:33.284 [INFO] [1] TWS ( has been started.
    2018/06/04 06:59:21.515 [ERROR] [1] The files with id '01Ib0000000gY6rEAE' are duplicated

    Sure enough, looking in my .sfproj file, I find that ID twice, once for each of the two referenced packages, though the first occurance shows the object name with the name space specified twice:

    First <Object>:

    <Object Include="Referenced Packages\Amadeus Central Sales\objects\NICC__NICC__Booking__c.object">
    <PhysicalRelativePath>Referenced Packages\Amadeus Central Sales\objects\NICC__NICC__Booking__c.object</PhysicalRelativePath>
    <PackageName>Amadeus Central Sales</PackageName>

    Second <Object>:

    <Object Include="Referenced Packages\Newmarket Common\objects\NICC__Booking__c.object">
    <PhysicalRelativePath>Referenced Packages\Newmarket Common\objects\NICC__Booking__c.object</PhysicalRelativePath>
    <PackageName>Newmarket Common</PackageName>

    I think the problem is occurring because the Object's original definition is in the "Newmarket Common" package.  Then the "Amadeus Central Sales" package adds 3 columns to the original object (I've attached the two .object files that TWS created).


    If I manually edit the .sfproj file to remove the NICC__NICC__Booking__c.object <Object> node, then the TWS project will again open correctly, though I don't know what negative effect this may have.  Intellisense does still show the three fields that were added to NICC__Booking__c.object as part of the "Amadeus Central Sales" package.  So I am (so far) seeing no negative effects to my manually modifying the project.  Though I will need to do that edit every time I pull code if I pull the Referenced Packages

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      Posted 14 Jun 2018

      Hi George,

      Thank you for your detailed post and all the investigation and for bringing this to our attention.

      Our developers are working on this issue and we are going to release the necessary changes for fixing this in the next version of the IDE.

      Currently, the workaround, that you found and use, won't bring any negative effects when you carefully delete a duplicated entry only. In this case, the IDE can read a project file correctly and all functionalities would work properly.

      Thank you for your collaboration one more time.

      Best Regards,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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