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[Fixed] Autocomplete is Stale / out of date

Autocomplete is Stale / out of date

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 17 Jul 2019 and edited 18 Jul 2019



    I found a similar article in the Forum where new Objects were not being shown in AutoComplete.   The suggestion was to remove the  .cache   folder in the project folder.   


    I closed TWS,  removed  .cache  then re-opened TWS.   It took a few minutes of waiting after I typed the  "dot"  as in myAccount.fieldName      But Voila.  Fixed.    Thanks!







    I've updated my Account object in TWS, and deployed, but no matter what I do, the AutoComplete in TWS does not show my new fields. 


    What I've tried:

    • Checked FLS to make sure fields are visible
    • Removed Account object from my project
    • Added Account back to project
    • Force-downloaded Account Object
    • Closed + Re-opened TWS

    Still, no new fields in AutoComplete. 


    What else can I try?



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      Posted 18 Jul 2019

      Hi James,

      Thank you for this update!
      I'm happy to hear that now you have an ability to use autocompletion.
      If you have any further questions, please let us know - we'll be happy to assist.

      TWS Team

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