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Cannot see workflow rules in IDE

Cannot see workflow rules in IDE

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 13 Nov 2019 and edited 15 Nov 2019

    I cannot seem to get workflow rules downloaded into my IDE. I cannot see usages in field usage report even though I have confirmed that field's usage in a workflow rule. 

    Is there a permission set needed to download workflow rules for your IDE? What else could be the reason for missing workflow rules in my project?

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      Posted 13 Nov 2019

      I have recreated the projects and included workflows from project creation. This seemed to allow me to download the workflow rules.

      Still wondering why I cant change the workingset on an existing project to include workflows. It just didn't work.



        Posted 15 Nov 2019

        Hello Justin!

        Thank you for your post!

        You can change the working set and add the 'workflows' metadata to this set. But after this, you should add this metadata on the "Project Metadata Components"

        window. The next step should be: "Full pull from Salesfroce".

        I hope it helps you!

        Have a great day!

        Best Regards,


        TWS Team

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