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Can't delete Lightning Web Component

Can't delete Lightning Web Component

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 11 Jul 2019 and edited 09 Apr 2021

    Hi TWS Team,

    The delete option is missing from any lightning web component bundle. 

    This is a bit frustrating as this can't even be deleted from the Salesforce UI.  

    Was this intented or it's just a wierd bug on my side?

    Thank for the help.

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      Posted 15 Jul 2019

      Hi Laszlo,

      Yeah, you are right - Delete option is not presented in the menu at the moment, its not a bug though, it simply hasn't been included as part of implementation yet during previous releases. We will have this added in one of the next one.

      Thanks for the feedback,



      TWS Team


      Dave Meixner

        Posted 19 Jul 2019

        I'm glad to hear "Delete" is coming back.   It's missing for aura components and apex files as well.  I didn't think I'd miss it.  But, it was suprising useful.



          Posted 04 Jun 2020

          Is this available yet? I am unable to find delete for LWC files.



            Posted 09 Jun 2020 and edited 09 Jun 2020

            Hello Nkamal!

            Thank you for your post. We have not implemented this feature yet. But you are able to delete this component using the SFDX Cli directly from The Welkin Suite.

            sfdx force:source:delete -m LightningComponentBundle:fetch -u
            I hope it helps you before we implement this functionality in TWS.




            TWS Team



              Posted 09 Apr 2021

              HI Ihor,

              Is this coming shortly? It's been almost 2 years now and still not able to delete from Welkins. In addition, my version still is not working with the Lightning Web Component explorer. It seems there's a larger gap growing in functionality these days and it would be great if these can be implemented in the near future.



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