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Can't deploy files in folders

Can't deploy files in folders

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 03 Sep 2018 and edited 03 Sep 2018

    Hi, I'm facing a strage bug.

    I keep my files in folders in the IDE. When I try to deploy to our live org, I found that I can't deploy files placed in folders. They are grayed out, and I get a messagetelling me, "The component is not present locally". I've attached some pictures.

    Also as I dug deeper, I found out, the IDE in fact, does not create folders (why would it?), it creates a XML mapping your files to your 'virtual' folders. So I could even check if the folders were correct in my filesystem.

    What I can confirm, that all of the files exist on my drive, also when I remove the files from a folder (by simply draging them out), the deployer is able to find them (this is a workaround, but not a convenient one).

    Thank you for your help.

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      Posted 03 Sep 2018

      Hi Laszlo,

      Thank you for contacting us on this issue.
      I kindly ask you to reproduce this one more time and please send us a bug report with attached log files directly from the IDE - you can find this functionality in the menu Help -> Report a Bug, please specify your email and enable the 'Attach Log File' checkbox.
      This way we would receive your TWS log files which could help us to find a reason for the error.
      Looking forward to your bug report and we will be happy to solve this.
      Thank you,

      TWS Team

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