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Code Completion - 50/50

Code Completion - 50/50

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 23 Dec 2018 and edited 13 May 2019

    I am runing R24. Code completion works about 50% of the time. Its hard to say when it will or wont work, but it is really frustrating. Code completion is the #1 reason I use the Welkin Suite. Any way to debug this to try to get it working?

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      Posted 27 Dec 2018

      Hello Jonh.

      Thank you for your post!

      I kindly ask you to reproduce this one more time and please send us a bug report with attached log files directly from the IDE - you can find this functionality in the menu Help -> Report a Bug, please specify your email and enable the 'Attach Log File' checkbox.
      This way we would receive your TWS log files which could help us to find a reason for the error..

      Have a nice day!

      TWS Team



        Posted 08 May 2019 and edited 08 May 2019


        I would like to take up this topic again with the current version (R28) but I want to explicitly note, that this is not an issue of R28 but with all versions.

        The code completion is one of the (if not THE) most important feature for our developers to use TWS. We've been using it for several years now and while I did get better over time - from our point-of-view it is still a long way to go. We've had an internal discussion if we should start an evaluation of alternative IDEs but I personally like TWS and would like to keep using it so I compiled a list of the most important things that don't work as expected (or known from other IDEs/languages).

        Each item by itself is not a major issue but for a developer who writes a *lot* of code, this is really tying one down.

        Some of this might be considered a feature request but I've nevertheless included it all in one list.

        Standard keywords like "sObjectType" are not suggested when e.g. comparing types.

        if(myTypeVar == Opportunity.sObjectType)

        Example: The "sObjectType" keyword is not suggested when typing the "." after Opportunity (in fact nothing is suggested)

        Object instantiation does not suggest the same type as the variable type. Example:

        OpportunityLineItem oli = new

        When I type the "n" character I get suggestions for all symbols starting with "n" - after selecting "new" I get no suggestion at all.
        I would expected a suggestion for OpportunityLineItem since it matches the type. When I start typing "O" i get all types starting with "O" ordered alphabetically - here I would at least expect OpportunityLineItem at the top.
        This get especially annoying if we're instantiating a complex map / list combination with custom types. Example: 

        Map<String, List<MyCustomClassContainer.MyInnerClass>> somethingListByString = new [xxx]

        Here I would expect a default suggestion of the Map type - in this case "Map<String, List<MyCustomClassContainer.MyInnerClass>>" after the "new" keyword.

        SObject fields are not suggested when creating a new sObject instance and directly filling its values. Example:

        Opportunity opp = new Opportunity(Name = 'ACME - Some Items', ...)

        No sObject fields like "Name", "CloseDate", etc. are suggested here

        Object and interface Inheritance is not included in auto-completion
        Example: If a class B extends a class A, auto-complete only suggests properties and methods of class B when working with a var of type B. All public methods/properties of class A are not shown.
        The same goes for extended interfaces.

        Standard system methods do not provide suggestions for their return values. Example:


        Nothing is suggested here after typing ".", even though the tooltip tells me the return type is of type System.PageReference, which when used in a type itself provides suggestions.

        And one more thing not directly related to auto-completion: When I call a method with several parameters, I get the method description dialog/tooltip that explains what the method does and what args it expects.
        However once this dialog is closed (e.g. by entering all args or leaving the line) - the seems to be no way to re-open it to look into the method description or the description for - say - the third argument again.
        Is there any way to reopen the tooltip?

        System.changeOwnPassword('abc', 'def')

        When i click in 'def', is there any way to re-open the tooltip that tells me what exactly the second argument does?

        We're looking forward to your feedback.




          Posted 13 May 2019

          Hi Chris,

          First of all, I want to tell you Thank you a lot for your time and for your feedback regarding the code completion functionality in The Welkin Suite!
          This input is very useful for us and it shows us what we can improve and what we should work on to make the IDE really helpful for our users.

          We are aware that some aspects of the code completion functionality need updates, and we plan to spend time to work on it. More than that, the examples which you provided are very useful for us, and we will include all of these cases to our work.

          Regarding your question about the tooltip, you can navigate to the end of the name of a method and click 'Ctrl+Space'. For example, as you can see on the attached file.

          Hope this helps.

          Thank you one more time for all the provided cases for the code completion.

          We will keep you updated on our progress on this.

          Best Regards,


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          Kate Dulko
          Customer Relations

          The Welkin Suite

          twitter: @KateDulko
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