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[Fixed] Crashes when pulling changes from Salesforce

Crashes when pulling changes from Salesforce

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    Posted 28 Sep 2015

    Every time I pull changes from Salesforce, Welkin has crashed when attempting to save new content. Is this an isolated issue? This only seems to happen when I refresh the entire project. I found it did crash when I updated only the static resources.

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      Posted 29 Sep 2015

      Hi Wtwhite,
      Thanks for letting us know about this. We want ask to you to provide us with some additional information about this issue. 
      We kindly ask you repeat this action and send the log file to us if this issue still reproduced.
      Please use Help -> Report a Bug option in The Welkin Suite to do this. There you can also describe the details and please don't forget to mark the ‘Attach Log file’ checkbox.
      This will help us to investigate what going wrong.

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