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Creating/Deploying Static Resource Bundle - Metadata Incompatible with Gearset

Creating/Deploying Static Resource Bundle - Metadata Incompatible with Gearset

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    Posted 19 Aug 2017

    I recently created a static resource bundle inside of Welkin, and deployed it to a Sandbox. When I went to deploy the change from Org->Org, Gearset could not recognize the Static Resource Bundle that was created by Welkin. When I manually deployed the static resource bundle to the Staging Org, Gearset was able to recognize the new Static Resource when deploying from Staging->Production. This leads me to believe the metatdata may not have been created correctly for the bundle.

    Has anyone experienced this issue? 



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      Posted 21 Aug 2017

      Hi ZooZoo,

      Thank you for letting us know about this situation.

      Can you please clarify in a bit more details what exactly actions you've done with the Static Resource from TWS and how you've deployed it to your Sandbox? The reason why I'm asking this is that The Welkin Suite does not yet provide an option (however it is in our backlog and is planned for one of the next releases before the Dreamforce'17) to create Static Resources or to modify their structure in any way (e.g. adding/removing/moving files in the bundle itself), while allows any changes to the content of the files in the static resource.

      Looking forward hearing back from you.

      Thank you,


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