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Cut newline at the end of end file

Cut newline at the end of end file

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    Posted 13 Nov 2017

    My scenario: I have my project stored locally, I upload it to Salesforce using ant migration tool and then retrieve it back to create a Welkin Suite project (BTW: is there an option to create WS project from local source). The issue: many of my cls files now show no new line at the end of file (but I initially had them locally). Any ideas?

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      Posted 14 Nov 2017

      Hi monitor2,

      Salesforce trims whitespaces and newlines at the end of the file - you can see the same behavior after building files in The Welkin Suite. As a part of our build process we retrieve back files from Salesforce exactly for this purpose - to ensure that everything is the same in Salesforce and in your local files. So this is the default behavior of the Salesforce itself and unfortunately we are not able to do anything about this.

      Regarding your question about creating TWS project from local source - the project itself stores a lot of additional information (like hashums of files, time of change, encrypted org credentials, etc.), so there is basically not enough information in plain sources to create a TWS project. However, this option is available for SFDX projects as we are not storing any additional information in that case, so you can just use your existing SFDX sources to create TWS project easily.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
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