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Debug Log: Misc Oddities

Debug Log: Misc Oddities

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mac version welkinsuite


    Posted 31 Mar 2017

    1.  INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY: Invalid cross reference id

    I setup logging to capture an error that occurs randomly.  I left the Welkin Suite running over night capturing logs to see if I could catch the log where the problem was happening.  When I click the log I get the  INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY: Invalid cross reference id error.  My assumption is that the log was no longer available but still displayed in the IDE.  I thought that when you click download logs it would actually download the logs locally but that isn't the case.  If this is normal behavior let me know and I will submit a feature request.

    2.  Local Time/UTC time

    When I click the button to display Local Time, it does not stay.  The minute a new log appears it resets back to UTC

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      Posted 31 Mar 2017

      Tried to edit to add item 3 but it never edits...

      3.  Column sorting is inconsistent

      The Start Time sorting does not work.



        Posted 31 Mar 2017

        Hi Bob,

        Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are faced during your work with log files.

        The Welkin Suite IDE shows you the list of available on your Salesforce Organization log files, however, it downloads each file itself when you open this file in the IDE. This means that a file is not downloaded before its opening.  At the same time, logs are saved on a Salesforce Org during some time (this time can be changed on an Organization). 

        In your case, you were trying to open the log file which already was removed from your Organization, and this is why the error appears.

        We will work to show the more clear message about the reason for the issue.

        As for the additional issues which you are faced during the work with the Logs pad - resetting the time settings and sorting for the Start Time, I've added the related tickets to our development backlog and we will fix them in further versions of The Welkin Suite Niva

        Our developers will solve the issue related to editing on Forum the nearest days.



        Kate Dulko
        Customer Relations

        The Welkin Suite

        twitter: @KateDulko
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