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DEBUG UNIT TEST is greyed out

DEBUG UNIT TEST is greyed out

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 12 Mar 2021 and edited 12 Mar 2021

    The DEBUG UNIT TEST menu item is greyed out almost always.  If I open any of my existing test classes, it seems that the option is greyed out.  If I create a new test class (right-click CLASSES, use ADD, pick "Test" as the type to create), debugging will seemingly randomly be enabled some times.  And when it is enabled, the step by step debugging does seem to work correctly. But then I will open another test class, the menu item is greyed out for that test class.  And if I go back to the first test class that was able to be debugged, the menu choice is now greyed out.  This is happening with the latest Windows release v1.34.4.4

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