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Delete file from solution does not report failure to deploy deletion

Delete file from solution does not report failure to deploy deletion

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    Posted 11 Oct 2017

    Hi there,

    I have just come across an issue where deleting a Visualforce page from within the Solution Explorer window (using the Delete right-mouse click option), and confirming the deletion in the Delete dialog window, resulted in the deletion being incorrectly reported as being successfully deployed when in fact there was a dependency on the page (a custom tab) preventing the page to be deleted.

    The Solution Explorer panel had the deleted page removed from it but on checking in Salesforce I could see the page still existed in the sandbox. Indeed doing a pull from Salesforce in the Welkin Suite confirmed this as the page returned in the Solution Explorer panel. I removed the dependencies on the page and tried deleting the page again from within the Welkin Suite and that attempt then successfully removed the page from Salesforce. I have verified the same thing occurs for classes that fail to delete due to dependencies so it seems the Delete dialog has a general issue of not reporting deletion failures due to dependencies on the deleted file.



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      Posted 11 Oct 2017

      Hi Donnie,

      Thank you for your post with all the details.

      This is known issue to us, and we will work on solving it in one of the nearest versions of the IDE.

      I will let you know when this would be fixed.

      Best Regards,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina





        Posted 12 Oct 2017

        Thanks for the update Kate:-)

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