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Field deletion is not supported?

Field deletion is not supported?

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    Posted 04 Mar 2018 and edited 05 Mar 2018

    As ther is no UI action for field deletion, I've deleted field from XML. After I clicked on Save&Deploy on object level, field is not deleted and XML is being refreshed from SFDC. 

    When field is deleted from XML, after save, I'am doing full deploy, field is no deleted from SFDC and after Pull, all fields are back in TWS. 

    Field deletion is supported in TWS?

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      Posted 05 Mar 2018

      This is the standard behaviour of the Salesforce Metadata API. Deployments are non-destructive unless you explicitly tell the API to delete e.g. a field. Simply deleting the field from the XML and deploying the object would not do the trick. If this were the case: what should happen if you omitted a whole object from your deployment? Should it be deleted from your org? For more insight into this and how to delete fields via API, please consult the Salesforce Metadata API documentation as this is not a bug with TWS.



        Posted 05 Mar 2018

        Hi guys,

        Thank you for your posts.

        Joachim shared the most accurate and full information related to the question about an ability to delete fields in an object, and from our side, we really have nothing more to add.

        If you would have any other questions, please let us know - we'll be happy to answer them.



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