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Find in all files doesn't work

Find in all files doesn't work

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 28 Aug 2020 and edited 31 Aug 2020

    Recently, I discovered that when trying to use "Find in all Files" functionality, it only works to find in the open element(ex: apex class), is not opening the window like always to find in all the instance's element.  yell

    This functionality is so important for me at this moment.  I need your help, please!

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      Posted 31 Aug 2020

      Hello Stephanie!

      Actually, the search window appears, however, it is hidden behind a screen - this is a known issue from Visual Studio Isolated Shell 2013. Since the IDE is based on it, this requires additional investigations to solve it in The Welkin Suite.

      Currently, you can use the next workaround to solve the issue locally:

      1. please close your solution and restart TWS;
      2. before opening your project, please open the 'Find in Files' window from the 'Edit' menu;
      3. open your project and then close the 'Find in Files' window.

      I hope it helps you!



      TWS Team

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