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FLS Inspector not showing Community User Profiles

FLS Inspector not showing Community User Profiles

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    Posted 26 Jun 2019 and edited 22 Nov 2021

    I am trying to apply some FLS changes to Community and Community Plus profiles but they do not appear in the FLS Inspector.  Should I be able to see these profiles here or not?

    This happens in a couple of different Orgs, Production as well as Sandbox.  This is with Bloom R29.  

    Is any more information required?

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      Posted 27 Jun 2019

      Hello Darren. 

      Thank you for your post.

      We have started to investigate the issue which you have described, and I'll back to your the nearest days with our results on this or, probably, with some additional questions.
      If you have any additional details on the issue, please let us know.
      Have a nice day!

      TWS Team



        Posted 01 Jul 2019

        Thanks for the update.



          Posted 02 Jul 2019

          Hi Darren

          The issue was reproduced and will be fixed within one of the next nearest releases.
          Thank you for letting us know about this, we really appreciate it!

          Best Regards,
          TWS Team

          TWS Team



            Posted 18 Aug 2020

            Was this ever fixed, because I don't see Customer Community and Customer Community Plus profiles in the version I have.  On Bloom R38.



              Posted 20 Aug 2020

              Hello Shane!

              Thank you for your post about this problem!

              We had some urgent blockers from Metadata API, but now our development team is ready to implement this functionality in IDE.

              We are working on this fix.

              I will keep you updated on our progress on this.

              Let me know if you have any questions or concerns I will be happy to help!

              Sorry for this limitation one more time!

              TWS Team

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                Posted 01 Jun 2021 and edited 01 Jun 2021

                Any updates on this question?



                  Posted 19 Nov 2021

                  Following up on this request as well.

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