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Locals debug window not correctly displaying values for non-primitive non-string objects

Locals debug window not correctly displaying values for non-primitive non-string objects

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    Posted 20 Sep 2017

    Hi I've just installed a trial version of The Welkin Suite and I've been having a look at the debugging functionality for unit tests. One thing I noticed when debugging is that the Locals debug window would correctly display primitive variable (float, integer etc.) and string variable values but for any other types the value displayed seems to be a 32-bit memory address reference value in hexadecimal (with the Type column incorrectly stating 'String'). It would make a big difference to the debugging experience if the Locals window could correctly display dereferenced collections and complex objects (instead of having to add and deploy specific lines of code declaring String/primitive variables that store values for String/primitive member variables somwhere down the object hierarchy in order to see the values in the Locals window).

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      Posted 20 Sep 2017

      I have noticed the above issues occur primarily under the "this" reference in the Locals window. Local variables declared in the method at the top of the current execution call stack do seem to have their correct types and values. Perhaps this is an issue when the object is nested down an object hierarchy rather than a top level object on the call stack, sorry I haven't got time to investigate further today but there does seem to be an issue here.



        Posted 22 Sep 2017

        Hi Donnie,

        Thank you for reporting this bug.

        We've investigated this situation and yes, you're right - the IDE handles complex type fields and properties from instances of complex types incorrectly. This is why it shows them as "String" and shows their address instead of the value.

        We will include the fix for this issue to our backlog and will work on it in one of the next releases.

        Thank you once more for your feedback!

        Best regards,


        Vladimir Gubanovich
        Head of Product
        The Welkin Suite
        skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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