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OS X vs Windows Differences

OS X vs Windows Differences

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    Posted 07 Nov 2018 and edited 07 Nov 2018

    I'm a frequent user of Welkin Suite across multiple platforms and was curious when the OS X version will include some helpful features found in the PC version. Mainly;

    1. OS X does not show the icon in the line number gutter to run the method/class directly
    2. Right clicking on an open file's tab, does not give you the ability to close files with a similar extension (this is particually painful for log files)

    Love the ability to now OAUTH on OS X!

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      Posted 07 Nov 2018

      Hi Jey,

      Thank you for your post and for sharing your feedback!

      In general, we are going to implement the missed features which are already present in TWS for Windows to the Mac version of the IDE. We plan to do this step by step since there are some differences in implementation starting from differences Visual Studio vs MonoDevelop and this cause some difficulties and delays.

      However, we will move in this direction for sure.

      Regarding your requests, I've added a note to the related tickets and I hope we will find an ability to work on them soon.

      If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let us know - we'll be happy to hear and answer them.



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