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Permission Set configuration is not applied

Permission Set configuration is not applied

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 24 Jan 2020 and edited 22 Dec 2020


    I've repeatedly stumbled upon the issue that changes to permission sets in the IDE are not correctly deployed to the org.


    I have some custom objects A, B and C with a couple of custom fields each.

    Now I add "Permission Sets" to my working meta data and (force-)pull them from the org.

    Next I modify some object settings for the objects in the PS editor:

    • Enable "View all" for A, set all fields to "Read access"
    • Enable "Modify All" for B, set all fields to "Edit Access"
    • Enable "Read, Create, Edit" for C and set some fields to Read Access, some to Edit.

    After that I "apply" the changes.

    In the end the configuration for the deployed PS is never as configured in the IDE.

    • Sometimes none of the mentioned field level settings are deployed for neither A, B or C; sometimes just for one of the objects
    • Previously existing permissions in the set are being removed during deployment (e.g. for another object; as said, I force-pulled everything from the org before modifying the PS
    • Sometimes it seems nothing is set at all

    TL;DR: Modifying a PS via the IDE is not reliable, even though the idea and the interface is very good.

    It would be great if you could fix that behaviour...

    Edit: I'm on the latest Windows release.



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      Posted 29 Jan 2020

      Hello Chris!

      I hope you are doing well!

      I kindly ask you to reproduce this one more time and please send us a bug report with attached log files directly from the IDE - you can find this functionality in the menu Help -> Report a Bug, please specify your email and enable the 'Attach Log File' checkbox.

      This way we would receive your TWS log files which could help us to find a reason for the problem.

      Thank you,


      TWS Team



        Posted 16 Jun 2020 and edited 16 Jun 2020

        Hello Ihor,

        I also encountered this issue and I even created a topic for it but I realized one already exists with same issue (so I deleted mine). I have sent logs files throught IDE with description of this topic and my email address.

        I changed Account Object Permissions > Apply and than Field Permission > Apply. After I refreshed all Object Permissions were lost and some FLS was also different than I selected.

        I hope you'll find this log and it will help you out.



        Tadeusz Hyży <>

        Salesforce Solution Architect



          Posted 18 Jun 2020

          Hello Tadeusz.

          I have already replied to your bug report by email.

          If you have any other questions, just let me know I will be happy to help!


          TWS Team



            Posted 22 Dec 2020

            Still broken.  12/21/2020  Good for wipping out your permission set. 

            Unlike the object editor where xml and the UI that sync with each other.  The pset editor only tracks what you changed since you opened or hit apply. When you hit apply it sends just your changes in memory which is is now all that is in the permission set, which wipes everything else out of the permission set. 

            WS does not as the documentation suggest, pull whats in sfdc after apply rather it just sits.  When you do pull you can see only you last changes as what remains. All the previous work is gone.  


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