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Profiles and permissions not tracked for Copado built-in integration

Profiles and permissions not tracked for Copado built-in integration

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    Posted 23 Jul 2019 and edited 23 Jul 2019

    Hi team,

    I'm trying to work with Copado integration box in TWS and it's working super fine when editing classes, objects, fields, etc. 

    Today I'm trying to mass edit a profile using the admin panel and Object permissions editor with "Tracking changes" enabled on the Copado tasks panel.

    Once the modifications successfully applied, i check the "Show difference" button to check if my changes were detected and were ready to commit to Copado but nothing is shown there.

    Isn't it possible to change permissions in Welking and track those change into Copado?



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      Posted 23 Jul 2019

      Hi Ramon

      Thank you for reaching us out on this matter, we hold your time in high esteem.

      As for the question, the reason why differences are not shown raises not in the Copado integration sphere, but rather in the way how Object editor itself works, currently changes are not stored locally and are applied only after they have been sent to SalesForce, after this TWS retrieves updated data right away and shows it as it is.

      Please let us know if this answers your question.

      Best Regards,
      TWS team

      TWS Team

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