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Pull from Salesforce not updating APEX class on local system

Pull from Salesforce not updating APEX class on local system

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    Posted 27 Nov 2015

    I am facing an issue where I was trying to save a class to salesforce. But some error prevented it. The class was using @InvocableMethod and it threw save error in error log saying that only 1 Invocable method can exist in a class.

    So I then tried to reload the class code from salesforce by using a Pull and yet the class did not change anything locally. It still is showing errored code in it. No matter if I try to Pull single class or full project, it did not change the code of the class locally.

    I'm on Welkin Suite Version

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      Posted 27 Nov 2015


      Thank you for your post.

      Such behaviour is correct in your case.

      During the Pull process only updates are downloading from Salesforce. Since your project wasn’t changed on the server, no changes are done in your code locally.

      If you want to rewrite the class to the previous stage, you should use one of the next methods:

      • Pending changes: you can discard your changes;

      • Local History: you can find the necessary version of the file and restore your code to this one.

      If you have more questions, feel free to ask - we will be glad to answer them.



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        Posted 29 Nov 2015

        Thank you, that was it. I am loving this development IDE tool  :)

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