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Pull pending changes after F5 deploy of LWC

Pull pending changes after F5 deploy of LWC

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 09 Jan 2020 and edited 10 Jan 2020

    When I make any change to my LWC (html, js) then use F5 to deploy I get the message 

    The File has pending server changes. Please pull first. 

    So I pull, use diff to save my edit I just made. Then run F5 and it works.

    Do I need to do something different? I tried saving the file after edit then F5 but same error message to pull first.

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      Posted 10 Jan 2020

      Hello Michael!

      Thank you for your post!

      Could you please create a new project and try to reproduce this issue one more time? If this doesn't help, please send us a bug report with the attached log files.

      Additionally, could you please send us the message from the "Output" panel?

      I'm looking forward to your results if this solves the issue
      Best Regards,

      TWS Team

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