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Seems like the installer is creating duplicate PATH vars

Seems like the installer is creating duplicate PATH vars

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    Posted 19 Aug 2016

    I was looking at my system PATH varialbles (for a reason unrealted to TWS), and I noticed several duplicate entries for ANT (see screenshot).  Is this a bug with the installer creating duplicate entries, or possibly not checking for existing entries before creating it (so it creates a new one each time you update TWS)?

    This is in Windows 10, and my current version of TWS is (but I have installed several versions previous).

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      Posted 19 Aug 2016

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your contacting us with this information.

      This is known issue to us. TWS shouldn't create the separate entry in the system variable PATH if there is already created one. This check will be implemented to the TWS installer during the nearest work on the installer.

      The entries are created during installing/reinstalling of the IDE. 



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