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Selector not finding new test

Selector not finding new test

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mac version welkinsuite


    Posted 14 Nov 2017

    I wrote a new test in Welkin Suite.   I can see and execute the test in the Salesforce Developer Console but Welkin Suite dosn't show it when I'm choosing which tests I want to run.

    I tried doing a 'Pull from Salesforce'.     Anything else I can try?  Please see attached files with Salesforce and Welkin Test selectors.

    Thanks in advance, Peter 

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      Posted 14 Nov 2017

      Well, I answered my own question.   If you hit 'Refresh List'  in the test selector then the test appears.   Seem to me that if you create the test in Welkin Suite then Welkin Suite should already know about it.





        Posted 15 Nov 2017

        Hi Peter,

        Thank you for contacting us with this and for your update.

        I'm glad that now you can run all the necessary tests directly in The Welkin Suite IDE.

        The reason for this behavior is the next:

        when you open the 'Run tests'  wizard, you can see the list of tests from a cache - the caching of this information helps to avoid loading the list each time since this can take a lot of time;

        you can see the date/time of saving the list to the cache when navigating to an 'Info' icon.

        After refreshing the list you get all the updated information from your Salesforce org even if some of the tests are absent in your TWS project.

        If you would have any other questions, please let me know. I will be happy to answer them.



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