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Sequence contains more than one matching element

Sequence contains more than one matching element

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    Posted 07 Mar 2016 and edited 06 Sep 2018


    Since today when trying to open the project I get the following error message: Sequence contains more than one matching element.

    What does this mean? And what can I do to open the project?


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      Posted 08 Mar 2016

      Hi Frank,

      I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems opening your project.

      It seems that some duplicate entries in the project file have appeared due to some reasons. Are you using the project structure sync with a Salesforce org?

      The team will investigate the issue why duplicates have appeared and we will let you know once we'll fix the root cause of this, however this won't fix your current project. As an option to workaround this issue I can recommend you to open .sfproj file manually and try to find duplicate value, but this would take a lot of time if your project is big. Another option is to re-create the project and start working with it.

      Thanks for letting us know about the issue.



      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich



        Posted 15 Mar 2016

        Hello Vladimir,

        Project structure sync is disabled, because we tried that and it didn't work properly and brought us more headaches than good. But I spent a lot of time an extensive project structure on my local drive. The project is huge and has over 3000 files.

        I tried to walk through the sfproj file but since it's a big project it was almost impossible to get that fixed. Only thing what was left was recreate the project, but then the structure was gone.




          Posted 15 Mar 2016

          Hi Frank,

          Thank you for your response.

          I want to inform you that the issue related to the project structure sync, which you reported in the adjacent topic, is solved. If this is reproduced for you, please let us know.

          The issue related to the appearance of the duplicated files in a project is added to our agenda.



          Kate Dulko
          Customer Relations

          The Welkin Suite

          twitter: @KateDulko
          skype id: d_katerina





            Posted 16 Mar 2016

            Ok, my colleague and I will try the project structure sync. I'll let you know if we still run into problems.



              Posted 05 Sep 2018

              Was this ever fixed

              kate.dulko, on 15 Mar 2016 - 10:47 AM, said:

              The issue related to the appearance of the duplicated files in a project is added to our agenda.


              Was this ever fixed - I just had the same problem.

              It doesn't even give you a clue to which element it is that is causing issues.

              Even if the underlying issue can't be solved, at leaset give us more info so we can fix the issue ourselves!



                Posted 06 Sep 2018

                Hi Adam,

                Thank you for your response. We will investigate this case more detailed.

                We will be happy to solve this as soon as possible.
                Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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