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Test Suite manager screen is buggy - can't select new test class

Test Suite manager screen is buggy - can't select new test class

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    Posted 01 Aug 2018 and edited 08 Aug 2018


    There are quite a few bugs with the Test Suite Manager screen (or I'm doing something wrong). At the moment I can't select some new test classes that I've added. I've closed TWS and re-opened but the test class still isn't available for selection?

    Also note the class is called "UT_ContactTestDataCreator" but appears as "UTContactTestDataCreator" (no underscore) in the screen shot. However when you search you have to use the underscore for the results to come back...

    The test suites are extremely useful but I'm a bit stuck at the moment. Is there at least a workaround?



    Windows 10

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      Posted 01 Aug 2018

      This forum is also quite buggy... editing my post (because you need to double carriage return apparently) appears to have removed the screen shot. See attached to this post.

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      Windows 10



        Posted 01 Aug 2018

        FYI there is a workaround whereby you can go into Run Tests and then hit the refresh button, then go back to the test suite manager and the tests are now available for selection.

        Windows 10



          Posted 08 Aug 2018

          Hi Adam,

          Thank you for sharing this issues with us and for your update related to the workaround!

          We have started to investigate the issue when there is no ability to select a newly created test class in the Test Suite Manager.
          May I please clarify with you if you have deployed this class to your org before opening the Test Suite Manager?

          Since the 'Refresh List' command from the Run Tests wizard helps to solve this case, this could be related to the fact that first of all the IDE composes a list of tests basing on local data and using the code assistance functionality, and when you refresh the list of test - we get data directly from your org.

          We will work to solve this.

          As for improper displaying a name of a class when there is an underscore, this is known to us and we will fix this in one of the further versions of the IDE too.

          Thank you for your collaboration!

          Have a nice day!



          Kate Dulko
          Customer Relations

          The Welkin Suite

          twitter: @KateDulko
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