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TWS crash in query editor

TWS crash in query editor

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 22 Jul 2020 and edited 31 Jul 2020

    I have a query that returns several hundred rows and enough columns that a horizontal scroll bar shows up in the results. 

    If I do the query then press ctrl-end, it takes me to the last column on the last row. This is fine.  If I hold the left-arrow key, it scrolls the results back to the first column of the last row.  This is fine. 

    If I do the query then press ctrl-end then use the horizontal scroll bar to go to the first column, TWS crashes. I think I've only seen this when I have a query that shows fields that get resized. Like when TWS sees that a field has more text than can fit in the current column width and tries to resize it. 

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      Posted 31 Jul 2020

      Hello Dave!

      Thank you for your post and sorry for this late response!

      Could you please reproduce this issue one more time and send us a bug report with the attached log files?

      We will start to investigate the reason for this issue. 



      TWS Team

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