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[Fixed] TWS is blocking salesforce user

TWS is blocking salesforce user

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    Posted 19 Dec 2017 and edited 17 Jul 2018

    I hope this is not a duplicate. But I have a recent issue with my TWS on Windows. Is blocking my salesforce user when open the project. 
    When I open an existing project from my local, looks like TWS try to login into Salesforce using the existing credentials. The login fail, no matter which is the cause of falling (wrong credentials, ip address is not whitelisted, etc.) and the salesforce org is blocking the user, even the user is system admin. Also I saw the log in the org, and if the login fails, TWS try again for some times, I was a number of 4 or more attempts to login in case of failure (This is not ok. and because of that the user is blocked).
    This issue do not appear for all projects / users, just for some of them. 
    As a quick solution, it is a way to disable auto login when open the project.
    Thank you!

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      Posted 19 Dec 2017

      Hi Marian,

      Thank you for getting to us with this issue.

      We are aware that the IDE due to some strange reasons continues making login attempts after a failure thus it blocks the user. As we've mentioned earlier on the forum this is one of the top priority bugs for us to investigate and fix, so we'll do our best to release it in the version of the IDE that will come out early January.

      In the meantime there’s a dirty workaround to avoid locking out your orgs – before opening the project with changed credentials in the IDE you can open your sfproj file in any text editor and change the username somehow – for example just add the ‘1’ symbol at the end. This way the IDE won’t lock your user and you’ll be able to safely open the project in TWS and change password, token and get rid of that ‘1’ in the username.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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        Posted 17 May 2018

        Hi Vladimir,

        Is this bug resolved? I am still facing this issue on my Macbook with 



          Posted 17 May 2018

          Hi Swagat,

          Thank you for your post and for your bug report.

          The current issue was fixed, and I will provide you with the details related to the issue that you are faced with in a response to your bug report.

          I'll close this topic as Fixed.

          Best Regards,


          Kate Dulko
          Customer Relations

          The Welkin Suite

          twitter: @KateDulko
          skype id: d_katerina



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