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TWS is literally UNUSABLE

TWS is literally UNUSABLE

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    Posted 16 Jul 2019 and edited 16 Jul 2019

    Okay, I'm done. I started using TWS when it got out. I loved it. But now it got to the stage where I can't get any work done with it. 

    Every time I try to build, TWS takes 10+ minutes to build. It applies the changes to the target ORG, however for some unknown reason it stops me from building for an other 10+ minutes. It says "Deploying the changed files is finished , but we still need to query the remote properties of the changed items to persist them, please be patient this could take some time...". The changes are clearly present in the ORG, however, untill TWS does some background magic, it stops me from building again. Also, we get no further statuses, just the "Build finished" when it finally does. 

    Can we investigate (for real?) this issue. 

    It got to the point, where it's faster to close the IDE, and reopen it again.

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      Posted 16 Jul 2019

      Hello Laszlo. 

      Thank you for your post.

      We are waiting for your bug report to start investigating this issue. We have not faced this issue yet. 

      Also, I kindly ask you to answer a few questions:

      1) Could you please check if your changes were applied to your organization?

      2) Have you faced this issue before the last release?

      3)What the types of files you are trying to deploy?

      4) Could you please try to deploy some changes to another organization?

      If you don't mind, we will contact you with additional questions is any during our investigation.

      We will do our best to work on this soon.

      Thank you for your collaboration!

      Best Regards,


      TWS Team

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