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TWS returns 'Source' instead of the actual error

TWS returns 'Source' instead of the actual error

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    Posted 04 Jul 2019 and edited 04 Jul 2019


    This bothered me for a while, and I don't find any bug report regarding this.

    Can we have the 'Source' error message finally fixed?

    This been how long? Since the release of lightning support? With the release of LWC support, I thought this will be fixed. But it's still present. I literally can't use TWS for lightning development, and my company is thinking of fully dropping TWS because if this bug in favour of Illuminated Cloud, as that don't have this bug.

    I really hope, there is a way and a solution for fixing what seems to be a easliy fixable problem.

    Thank you.

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      Posted 04 Jul 2019

      Hello Laszlo.

      Thank you for your post.

      This error that you got in the error panel is what salesforce returns to the IDE when you update your Lightning component.
      I kindly ask you to check what you can see in the Output panel when deploying your changes - there you will find a full error.

      Hope this would help.

      Anyway, we are working on this problem and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

      Thank you,


      TWS Team

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