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TWS won't open

TWS won't open

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 11 Aug 2020 and edited 11 Aug 2020

    After launching TWS I get the usual splash screen then nothing. After it disapears TWS in not opening. I checked it in process monotir and after the splash screen it just diapears.

    I'm using Bloom R38 (version

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      Posted 11 Aug 2020

      I've attached a log file from the latest attempt

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        Posted 11 Aug 2020

        Hello Laszlo!

        Thank you for your post!

        In this case, I kindly ask you to follow the next steps to solve the current issue:

        1. please uninstall Microsoft Visual Studio Shell (Isolated);

        2. after this please uninstall The Welkin Suite IDE;
        3. download Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Isolated) using the next link ( and install it separately from the IDE;
        4. re-download TWS from the site and
        5. install it again;
        6. and launch the IDE.

        Let me know if it helps you!


        TWS Team

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