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[Fixed] "Value cannot be null" error when deploying

"Value cannot be null" error when deploying

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 27 Jun 2019 and edited 03 Jul 2019

    I am having errors deploying to my sandbox (using F5) with the latest build (Bloom R29 - 1.27.14). When I try to deploy a lightning component and an APEX file at the same time, I get the following error:

    Error 1 Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: source

    I can deploy EITHER a Lightning component or APEX files separately, but if I try to do them at the same time, I get that error. If I then go and manually deploy each item that it tried to deploy together, each one goes through just fine.

    Is anyone else seeing this?



    ------ Deploy has started: Project: Proj1Vance ------

    Search for changed files has started [12:48:45.666].

    Looking for changed items dependencies...
    The file aura\ProviderOrderMatch\ProviderOrderMatch.cmp has been changed.
    The file aura\ProviderOrderMatch\ProviderOrderMatchController.js has been changed.
    The file aura\ProviderOrderMatch\ProviderOrderMatchHelper.js has been changed.
    The file classes\ProviderOrderMatchController.cls has been changed.

    Looking for empty files...

    Checking if the changed files have pending server changes [12:48:45.717].
    No pending conflicts were found.

    Choosing the deploy strategy depends on changed files...

    Deploy strategy has been chosen.

    Deploying changed items...

    Deploy is finished with errors [12:49:31.893].

    Deploy error: Test coverage of selected Apex Class is 0%, at least 75% test coverage is required
    Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: source

    Time Elapsed 00:00:46.371

    ========== Deploy: Project: Proj1Vance failed ==========

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      Posted 27 Jun 2019

      Hello Vance.

      Thank you for your post.

      We want to first apologize for any inconveniences or problems that this issue caused you.

      We have already faced this issue and our development team is working on a fix for this bug. This issue will be reproduced when you are trying to deploy the class and another type of metadata (objects, layouts, lwc, aura, etc) at the same time.

      We have a workaround for this problem:

      You could deploy your changes to the org in the following way:
          1. Deploy the classes (you could choose these files in the "Pending Changes" panel and deploy them)
          2. After this, you could deploy the remaining files.
      I hope it should help you.
      Sorry for the inconvenience. This upcoming version will be available next Monday.

      TWS Team

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        Posted 27 Jun 2019

        Thank you.  I kind of figured I wasn't alone on this.



          Posted 28 Jun 2019

          Our team is also facing the same issue since yesterday. How soon can we have the resolution of this?



            Posted 01 Jul 2019

            Is there any update on this?



              Posted 01 Jul 2019

              Hi Guys,

              We've just released a new version with a fix for this issue. Please find more details about this release in our blog - release notes.

              Your TWS will update automatically very soon.

              Please let us know if this issue is fixed for you.

              TWS Team



                Posted 02 Jul 2019

                After updating, it is deploying correctly again. Thank you for jumping on that bug.

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                  Posted 03 Jul 2019

                  Hi Vance,

                  Thank you for this update!
                  I'm happy to hear that now you have access to the IDE.
                  If you have any further questions, please let us know - we'll be happy to assist.

                  TWS Team

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