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VF Page preview, please remove

VF Page preview, please remove

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    Posted 18 Jul 2018 and edited 18 Jul 2018

    Hello, it's me again

    Sorry, but this VF page preview option is really getting on my nerves. It happens so now and then that WS decides to show up again and then I have to remove it again. Maybe I click somewhere in the windows that makes it show up, I don't know. Again sorry, but this vf page preview is for me the most annoying feature of WS ever. Is there any possibility to disable it for ever? Just sliding the window to the top doesn't seem to be enough.


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      Posted 18 Jul 2018

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you for contacting us on this.

      I'll be happy to help you!

      You can follow the next steps to disable the Visualforce previewer for your TWS project:

      please navigate to the menu Tools -> Options -> Projects -> Presentation; there you can find the 'Collapse Visualforce previewer' settings - please enable this setting and the previewer won't appear when you open any Visualforce page the next time.


      Also, I want to draw your attention that the IDE remembers a state for the previewer in each Visualforce page file. So, for example, when you have some pages which are opened in the code editor with enabled previewer, and you enable the setting to collapse Visualforce previewer - TWS remembers this state for these pages and the previewer would appear the next time. However, if you collapse it - the IDE would remember this state also and the next time you shouldn't collapse it manually by sliding window to the top.

      Hope this is what you are looking for. 

      Please let me know if you would have any additional questions.

      Best Regards,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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