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Visual Force Editor is not working

Visual Force Editor is not working

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    Posted 03 Jul 2015

    The default VF Page editor is not working,

    [attachment=21:2015-07-03 10_04_50-VFPageEditor.png]

    but if I open with ordinary HTML edior, it gets opened, but no autocomplete/intellisense while type something,

    [attachment=22:2015-07-03 10_05_35-HTML_Editor.png]

    Is there any option to enable this VF page editor

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      Posted 03 Jul 2015

      Hi karthik,

      First of all thanks for reporting this issue.

      We will investigate this issue and will come back to you once we have any updates and information about reasons and fix estimations.

      However I'd want to notice that currently Visualforce editor don't have it's own autocompletion that's familiar with apex components - in general it is HTML editor which has it's own code completion (closing tags, html elements, css elements, etc.) and code formatting.

      We have plans for Visualforce-specific editor with code completion and other great features but I'm not sure when exactly we'll work on it.



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