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Weird TWS behaviour

Weird TWS behaviour

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 16 Aug 2019 and edited 19 Aug 2019


    I have some weird behaviour in Welkin Suite latety which I haven't encountered before and can be confusing sometimes. Dunno if this is working as intended or.... but that is something you may decide.

    1. If I have a certain file open in the editor. If I do a search via Find in Files (ctrl-shift-f) for a certain phrase and the same file pop ups in the Find results panel and I click on it, the file is opened again. So the file is opened twice in the editor.
    2. If I try to build my project, but the org is locked because of a running test or something, tws doesn't inform me about this. It just says the build has been finished successfully, while the changed files haven't even been saved to the server at all.
    3. If I make changes in a file and then press F5 to build, it may happen that there are pending changes on the server of dependant other files (components and such). The file itself doesn't have pending changes. I do a full pull to update my local files and then try again to build. Then tws doesn't build at all since it might think nothing has changed. But it have since I have made changed locally.

    Looking forward to your answer :)


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      Posted 19 Aug 2019

      Hello Frank.

      Thank you for your post.

      1. Unfortunately, it has not been reproduced so far, the scenario mentioned in our previous letter worked as intended during the tests. Could you please share with us some more details (via email) on the process you had when the issue occurred, perhaps some screens or steps?
      2. It is a known issue. We are working on this, and we will release the fix for this case as soon as possible.
      3. After the full pull from salesforce, could you please take a look on the "pending changes" panel? Do you have the changed file there?

      Best regards,


      TWS Team

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