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A few feature requests...

A few feature requests...

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    Posted 20 Jan 2016

    Hi! I'm new to development (from .NET background) and LOVING the Welkin Suite. Thanks for the work you're doing!

    A few features that would be really nice:

    I love the ability to collapse code to definitions. I miss the right-click shortcut to "Outlining" functions. However, I have found that the shortcuts ctrl+m, ctrl+s and ctrl+m, ctrl+p still work for this. It would be nice to have that in a right-click, Outlining menu though.

    Also, right-click to Find All References and view Call Hierarchy would be awesome.

    I know it's not likely but I was also wondering if it is possible or if your team has any plans to implement some sort of step-through type of debugging feature. I'm aware of Salesforce's new debugger but that one is very limited and fairly costly for what it is. I understand that the nature of the platform may make this impossible. I'm working to eliminate the need for that by implementing TDD and your tool is helping lots with that.

    Thanks again!

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      Posted 20 Jan 2016


      Thank you for your feedback about The Welkin Suite. Your suggestions are very useful, and we greatly appreciate your contribution.

      We will add the feature request about the right-click options for the Outlining function. This will be included to our road-map, but at the moment I cannot tell you when exactly we will be able to implement this.

      We agree with you about the right-click for the Find All References option, and we have already added this to our agenda. We will also add the view Call Hierarchy.

      Our team understands the high priority of the Debugger. It is possible to implement this to TWS. We will start working on this as soon as possible, and we plan to release this feature in the next several months.

      If you have any questions - feel free to ask us, we will be glad to answer them.



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