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[Implemented] Allow for Custom Merge tool configuration

Allow for Custom Merge tool configuration

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    Posted 11 Oct 2015 and edited 20 Jan 2018

    Currently there is a predefined set of allowed merge tools, such as Araxis, BeyondCompare3/4, and Kdiff3.

    Add an option similar to the full Visual Studios options under Source Control > Visual Studio Team Foundation Services > Configure User Tools... (Attached)

    This allows the full Command and Arguments to be configured to use an arbitrary tool.

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      Posted 11 Oct 2015

      Hi Daniel,

      Nice to see you here :)

      Thanks for this suggestion - this look like a miss from our side for me. We will definitely implement this soon.

      The only thing - I don't think that we'll do this exactly how it's done in the VS, I think more about a regular text box for command line entry with $1/$2/$3 or something like this.

      I'll let you know once we'll include this into the sprint or once I'll know exact dates when we'll release this.

      Will be happy to know what else you'd like to see in TWS.



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