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Another TFS Request (lol)

Another TFS Request (lol)

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    Posted 12 Sep 2018 and edited 17 Sep 2018

    Hey guys!

    First of all, we love using TWS. As a .NET shop, we really appreciate having a familiar IDE to work in. That being said, Salesforce has announced an update to their VS Code extension (Available Oct. 13th, 2018) that will support Sandboxes. Because VS Code has TFS support, we are seriously looking at this as a replacement IDE.

    As early adopters and fans of TWS, we're happy to wait, but we would like some sort of assurance from the product development team that the feature is on the roadmap.

    Thanks :)


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      Posted 17 Sep 2018

      I notice most threads get a team response within 24 hours, can we get some sort of response from the product development team? We bought business licenses to be able to make feature reccomendations and have not heard back.



        Posted 17 Sep 2018

        Hi Matthew,

        Thank you for your feature request and please sorry for the delay in our response.

        We will take your request into account, however, the work on adding the TFS support to the IDE isn't included to our nearest plans, and I'm afraid that right now I cannot provide you with any ETA for this.

        Also, you can find more details on this topic here.

        In addition, you can subscribe to the mentioned topic.

        If you don't mind, I'll close the current topic as a Duplicated one.

        If you would have any other questions, please let us know - we'll be happy to assist.

        Best Regards,


        Kate Dulko
        Customer Relations

        The Welkin Suite

        twitter: @KateDulko
        skype id: d_katerina



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