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Better Support for Lightning Components needed

Better Support for Lightning Components needed

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    Posted 28 Nov 2018 and edited 06 Dec 2018


    I love the way Lightning components are handled in TWL but the at the moment you cannot add all the files needed (SVC, Design Etc.) to the Lightning pacakge meaning you still need to use another tool to create these.. Also, when creating a new Component you are not asked what it will be used for (App, Record Page, Community Etc), although these can be entered manually in the cmp file, it would be far easier if this worked as per the Developer console in SF and gave you the option to select. There is also no option to specify "Lightning out" when creating.

    When rendering the Component in an App in the preview window, the fomatting does not look right and seems to ignore any Styles and Icons.

    If these few issues can be fixed then TWS will be an awesome Lightning development tool

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      Posted 06 Dec 2018

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your post and for such detailed description of the issues that you are faced with when working on Lightning in TWS!

      We are going to improve the Lightning support in one of the future versions of the IDE.

      We are aware that there are some issues related to the custom editor which we use for Lightning files, and we are going to work on them. And also, we will take into account your suggestions to make Lightning development in the IDE even more better.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts one more time, and if you have any other questions, please let us know - we'll be happy to hear them and assist.



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