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Change Code Coverage highlight colors

Change Code Coverage highlight colors

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    Posted 02 Nov 2015

    For those of us that are either slightly color blind or fully color blind, the colors used to highlight the line of code coverage are too similar. It would be great if we could specify our own colors for this. I have checked through several settings and options screens and have not found a way to change it.

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      Posted 13 Nov 2015

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for bringing this up. We have plans to implement separate color themes for color blind developers early next year.

      Right now you should be able to change Code Coverage highlighting from "Tools -> Options" window in "Environment -> Fonts and Colors" and change "Code coverage - covered line" and "Code coverage - uncovered line". I guess that you was not able to find this options as we've had some issues with this settings in the previous versions.

      On the other side we will appreciate if you can help us making TWS better for color blind people. If you can provide us info about UI elements or any colors that are hard to read for you and if you can suggest better replacements for them - we will do our best to set them as default options asap if they will suit everybody.

      Please feel free to post your observations here or communicate with me via emails.

      Thanks you once more for this topic,


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