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[Implemented] Closing brackets

Closing brackets

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    Posted 29 Mar 2016 and edited 20 Jan 2018


    I started using TWS  as it seems a complete IDE, please continue to keep up the good work!

    Here a lot of features that will be useful in my opinion:

    • Closing brackets. In Apex classes, pressing "(" does not write the corresponding ")". Same thing on other brackets as [ ] , { } ecc.
      Enabling Tools > Text editor > All languages > General > Automatic brace completion doesn't work.
    • Metadata autocompletion. If custom metadata autocompletion can be difficult, static sf syntax autocompletion may not be.
      - in vf component/pages, writing <apex: should open all possible options (pageBlock, pageBlockSection, pageBlockSectionItem ... ) with corresponding attributes suggestion.
      - in apex classes writing @is should open all compatible annotations, such as @isTest. This behaviour should be similar for other apex statements, not annotations only.
      - with current autocompletion is almost impossible to write some statements as the foreach loop, the old-style-for is autocompleted and written immediately. 

    Consider that above fix or improvements, if well implemented, reduce the number of typed errors and save the time spent in online file commit/deploy/save/compilation/fix misspelled statements etc. Without mentioning coding speed improvements.



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      Posted 30 Mar 2016


      Thank you for your feedback and for your suggestions.

      We are currently working on the improving the Code Completion functionality and a lot of improvements for this functionality are planned in the frame of the further development of the IDE. 

      As for your suggestions here are our comments:

      • the Automatic brace completion that you've mentioned is implemented in TWS, but currently there is the issue related to it; our team will fix this as soon as possible;
      • the correspondent attributes suggestion is already present in our working list; this will be implemented by the summer;
      • I've added the compatible annotations to our Backlog;
      • for the "old-style-for" and other loops you can use the Snippets option; more information about this you can find here.

      We appreciate your attention and detailed examples.

      Thank you,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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