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Create SOQL File : include all fields instead of just Id

Create SOQL File : include all fields instead of just Id

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    Posted 19 Nov 2016

    I know you are working on an improved query editor in TWS. Until that happens, it would be nice if the query made by Create SOQL File included all the fields in the object type instead of just the Id.

    Also, when I do Create SOQL file, it adds the file in Objects, right under the corresponding .object file. This is not a big deal but I think it should be added in the Soql folder instead.

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      Posted 19 Nov 2016

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

      We have just recently released a new Mac version with the new SOQL editor (you can take a look at it in the release notes). In the nearest future the same functionality will be adopted by the Windows version as well. This why I'm not sure that we wil be modifying the current SOQL in the Windows version, but we will do our best to include new SOQL as soon as possible.

      Looking forward for more your ideas for improvements :)

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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