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Detail: Annotations are too dark in default theme

Detail: Annotations are too dark in default theme

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    Posted 28 May 2015

    finally got it installed and working, your last release really helped with that. Early days using it, I'll be using the product all next week in an attempt to get away from Eclipse-land.

    I love the default theme - like the IntelliJ "Darcula" background so please to see the white-on-black principle being applied here.

    Annotations are imho too dark by default, not sure I can customize it but thought you'd appreciate the feedback (screenshot attached)

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      Posted 03 Jun 2015

      Hi mjmartin,

      Thanks for a feedback.

      You can try to change colors in Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors and select "Apex - Annotation" there. Please let me know if there are problems with this, as there were some users who've reported the issue with changing syntax colors.

      Also we'll take a look and will try to find better default color for annotations.



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