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Dual head Welkin Suite

Dual head Welkin Suite

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mac version welkinsuite


    Posted 08 Dec 2017 and edited 11 Dec 2017

    Just thinking laterally (and debugging tonight) 

    I think it would be useful to be able to point an AA window or A SOQL window at Production while developing in a sandbox.

    At the moment, I have open/close solutions repeatedly to troubleshoot.

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      Posted 08 Dec 2017 and edited 08 Dec 2017

      Hi shaun.mcarthur,

      you can run the second (and more) instance of The Welkin Suite by running the command in the terminal:

      open -n -a "The Welkin Suite"

      And so it will not be necessary to open/close solutions.

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        Posted 10 Dec 2017

        Great to know! Useful feature. Thank you.



          Posted 11 Dec 2017

          You are welcome! I'm glad to hear that.

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