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Enhancements to Lightning component development

Enhancements to Lightning component development

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    Posted 16 Jan 2018 and edited 19 Jan 2018


    I have a few enhancement requests for the Lightning component development modules:

    1. When I am in the "Component" part of a Lightning component, hitting enter should result in the cursor jumping to the correct indentation. Right now, it is jumping to the first column.
    2. Autocompletion of end tags should respect case sensitivity of tags. If I e.g. have an opening tag "<lightning:layoutItem>" and start to type "</", the offer I am getting is "</lightning:layoutitem" (without the closing "gt" sign and with a lower case "i"). This should automatically be set to "</lightning:layoutItem>" as tags are case-sensitive.
    3. When I try to build several components at once and one of them fails, I always have to pull changes for all components I tried to build before I can continue building.

    Cheers, Joachim

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      Posted 19 Jan 2018

      Hi Joachim,

      Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

      We have customized a code editor for lightning components to add additional abilities and this causes the issue when the cursor jumps to the first column. Our developers are investigating what would be the most proper solution to avoid this behavior.

      As for the case, when you get an error during building several lighting components and the further required pull - this is also a known issue for us, and we are looking for the best way to solve it. A reason for this is the updated value for the Last Modification Date and hashsum on an organization for the files that could be built successfully.

      Autocompletion of end tags in aura files is already in progress of implementation, so you would be able to use this functionality in one of the nearest versions of TWS. 

      If you would have any additional questions - please let us know, and we as always will be happy to answer them.

      Have a nice weekend!



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