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Export Pretty Text From Tree and/or Filtered debug logs

Export Pretty Text From Tree and/or Filtered debug logs

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    Posted 12 Apr 2018 and edited 19 Apr 2018

    Hi Welkin Suite,

    Trying out your product to see how its debug log exploring tool works compared to me, Notepad++, and regexes.

    A big help already; thanks!  Being able to see a filtered tree nesting the execution of things and being able to see the colored, filtered output is AMAZING -- I was able to find 2 bugs in my code already.

    But for a more systemic overview, I'm going to need to do a much deeper inspection of the code's flow.

    I wish I could copy the entire "tab-indented" tree view onto my clipboard (or export it into a plaintext file) for further exploration (back to Notepad++ and regexes and Python).  It would probably be a good idea to do the same with the "colorful" filtered output down below ... but I'm more interested in grabbing that "tree" version, I think.

    I was disappointed to see that I could only "look, not touch," such a wonderful rendering of the logs, like at a museum.  ;-)

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      Posted 19 Apr 2018


      Thank you for your post and for your feedback about TWS Debug Log Viewer!

      We appreciate this so much!)

      Also, thank you for bringing this request to us - I've added this to our development backlog and we will work on adding an ability to export a log tree view in one of the further versions of the IDE.

      I'll let you know when we this option will be available for you in TWS.



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      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

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