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Find In Logs

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    Posted 07 Apr 2018 and edited 16 Apr 2018

    While debugging, a common workflow for me is that I'll clear the logs, run my test scenario, do a query in the shiny TWS query editor to find some object Id then go through the new logs, one by one, searcing for that Id. Not a big deal on things like triggers but aura can generate a lot of logs and it's sortofa drag to wade through them.

    It would be nice to have a Find In Logs option similar to Find In Files. You do Find In Logs, type in some text and TWS downloads the logs since the last clear and searchs them for the given string. I don't know if the MSDEV Find In Files can be extended in this way but even something that tells me which log timestamps contain the string would be pretty useful - a time saver that I would probably use pretty often.

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      Posted 16 Apr 2018

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us.

      We will consider what we can do for extending abilities of the Debug Log editor and how we can make the search in log files easier.

      Currently, there is one small workaround for searching in log files so that to avoid searching through every file one by one::

      1) you can open all your downloaded log files in TWS and launch the 'Find In Files';

      2) in the 'Look in' field please select the 'Current Project (Including External Items)' parameter and start the search.

      I want to draw your attention that this is important to leave your log files opened in the IDE since when you close them - they'll be removed from the 'Miscellaneous Files' and won't be available for searching as external files.

      I hope this would help a little bit to make your search faster and easier.

      Thank you,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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