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Improving deep comparison for deployment

Improving deep comparison for deployment

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    Posted 07 Aug 2018


    I use The Welkin Suite as a code editor for several months now and I congratulate you on the work done, especially since the last release.

    The deploying tool to another organization looks really interesting. However, we cannot compare ALL metadatas from the local project to a remote org.

    For example, I created a field "indicateurSocialVideo__c" on the Account object on my local project. Then, I would like to compare the Account from the local project to a remote org. The deep comparison still hide the possibility to compare both XML files (see the first attached file "diffthewelkinsuite").

    I imagine retreiving ALL metadatas for a deep comparison must take a lot of time but it's possible and very convenient with toolkit for example (see the second attached file "difftoolkit").

    I even already used another tool (not free) capable of analysing an object's XML to deploy a single component of an object, a field for example (see the third attached file "diffwithgs").

    I wonder if you are working on improving the comparison tool to deeply analyze all the metadatas in the deployment tool ?

    Kind regards,


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