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[Implemented] Intelisense for VF pages

Intelisense for VF pages

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    Posted 24 Sep 2015 and edited 20 Jan 2018


    I'm thinking that a great addition would be to add an auto complete for the VF pages:

    If someone beginning typing "apex:", it will show the as autocomplete all the apex: component, and then all the attributes, for the selected component (Id, styleClass, etc....).


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      Posted 24 Sep 2015

      Hi Ilan!
      We also think that this addition is really needed. And it’s already in our backlog. We are working on implementation of Lightning components support within the next 1-2 month. And big alter of Visual Force editor is one of the parts of this implementation. However this can be released little later than supporting of Lightning components.
      We will let you know once we start working directly on this feature and once it'll be released.
      Thanks for your suggestion,

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