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Make code coverage highlighting more distinct

Make code coverage highlighting more distinct

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    Posted 20 Jul 2015

    I'm afraid these hues are practically indistinguishable for me. I am red-green color blind, which explains a lot, but I'm not alone.

    I've changed my highlighting to Teal for covered, and left uncovered as red. It follows the developer console convention closer and works for me.

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      Posted 20 Jul 2015

      Hi logan.moore,

      We're thinking about adding another theme for people who are color blind (I know that there are different types of color blindness, however we need to start at least with something). We'll appreciate a lot if you'll be able to point us any IDE/text editors themes that are comfortable for you or if you'll give us some info on which colors are bad for you and what replacements suit you best. To be honest I won't promise that we'll deliver this pretty quick, but will do our best :)



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